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Fewlines Connect

Fewlines Connect

An authentication and authorization service that empowers users to share their information easily and universally in a secure way.

Let your users share the data that is related to them

Fewlines Connect provides you with:

- A universal user account for online and in-person interactions

- An authorization service that empowers users to share their information — not just identity — in a controlled way

Fewlines Connect

User authentication and authorization for modern merchants

easy login
distributed data scopes
user consent

Easy login at every touchpoint

Decentralized Data Scopes

Access with user consent

In each application, your users can login using their favorite method — email, mobile phone, social network…​

You can organize a global view of user data, even if they are decentralized in both internal and 3rd-party apps

Your users can authorize your partner organizations to access — and give access to — data that is related to them

Use cases

Unlock omnichannel journeys with a unique user account


Use Fewlines Connect to identify your customers, and let them access their user account at every touchpoint. On your e-commerce website of course, but also inside your mobile application, or in-person — at the cash till, at the drive-thru, at your click & collect desk, or even on the mobile device of your teammates.

Understand what your users do outside of your walls


The most valuable user data generally sits outside of your organisation — take sports' activity (hosted by fitness apps) in the case of a sports retailer or live vehicle information, if you are a car servicing player. Use Fewlines Connect to retrieve this data, and make better product recommendations to each customer.

Interoperate seamlessly with your partners

share data

You sell products, and (want to) leverage partners to offer installation, maintenance, or any complementary service? Use Fewlines Connect to share user identity, and any relevant user data (recent orders, addresses, projects and leads…​) with your partners. Your customers deserve an experience as fluid as if you provided everything in-house.

Organize how user data circulates across your apps

share user

You use configurators, diagnostic and quoting tools, or other key business applications — but your customer facing commerce applications don’t have access to the data that’s inside? Use Fewlines Connect to organize how this data circulates across your applications, using industry standards protocols.

Developer driven, enterprise ready

Built on Industry Standards

Rely on industry standard protocols - 0Auth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Token Exchange

Extensible configuration

Customize Login Form, Sign Up process, Languages, Notifications (SMS, emails), Domain Name, Hashing Algorithms etc.

Worlwide infrastructure compliant with local regulation

Guarantee lightning speed with our global cloud infrastructure, choose data storage location

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